Linda Dunn-Carter

about linda

Linda Dunn-Carter is recognized as a leading expert in scar revision on a global scale, achieving significant accomplishments in her field. As the CEO and Founder of "The DC Method," a pioneering brand in scar revision under DC WAY INTERNATIONAL INC., Linda holds Aesthetician Licenses (LE) in six US states. She is also certified as a Certified Permanent Cosmetic Practitioner (CPCP), Medical Micro Pigmentation and Custom Camouflaging, and serves as an Educator for her trademark brand, The DC Method.

With a focus on developing her unique scar revision methodology, Linda's expertise, talent, and healing abilities have positioned her as a prominent figure in the global scar revision industry. Her approach to scar elimination offers a comfortable, result-oriented, and efficient solution for natural scar tissue correction, providing clients with a remarkable skin rejuvenation experience.

In addition to her line of scar products, "Scar Food by The DC Method LLC," Linda offers Master Class Training through "Scar School by The DC Method LLC," attracting Aesthetician and Medical Professionals worldwide. By sharing her trade secrets and expertise, Linda aims to empower practitioners with the knowledge and skills necessary to excel in scar revision over time.

Recognized as a "Power Player" and one of "Miami's Dynamic Women" by Miami Modern Luxury Magazine, Linda's career trajectory as an entrepreneur has evolved into a focus on scar revision therapy since 2006. Her deep understanding of scar tissue rejuvenation, coupled with collaboration with top surgeons and dermatologists, has enabled her to develop effective scar correction techniques that adapt to the evolving landscape of skin revision.

Embodying a zen philosophy in The DC Method methodology, Linda emphasizes the importance of precision and expertise in scar revision procedures. With over 65,000 procedures performed since the inception of her trademarked brand in 2006, Linda has garnered recognition through various media platforms for her 100% result-driven portfolio.

Located in Miami Beach, Linda's global presence continues to expand as The DC Method's franchise gains popularity and recognition for its proven scientific approach to scar revision.


The formation of scars cannot be prevented after the deeper skin layers have been injured. The chances of the wound healing without traces is unlikely and in most cases scars are left behind often as a debilitating reminder.

If your wound healing process is already completed and scar tissue has formed, further treatment depends on the cause of injury and type of scarring. In any case, we match our procedures and techniques through the application of case specific protocols no matter if your scar is old or new, “we got you”!.


Regardless of how scars form - whether due to accidents, surgeries, birth defects, burns, stretchmarks, skin disorders, or sun damage, and the list goes on.. WE GOT YOU! 

 The DC Method has been proven to significantly improve and in some cases completely diminish the appearance of  all types of scars through innovative protocols developed by Linda Dunn-Carter in 2006. A Treatment series can last up to 4-12 months, or more based on their challenge and are tailored to address all types of scars and severity. 

The key concept of The DC Method is to re-injure old scars and manage new scars by methodically understanding the problem at hand and repairing the skin in order to reprogram it effectively. 

Mastering the different types of scars and what is needed to reverse the damage requires years of experience and exposure to various scarring cases to achieve optimal results. 

We possess a comprehensive collection of photographs. If you do not find a before and after image similar to your scar, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are confident that we have suitable examples to share with you.

For older scars, it is crucial to remove built-up debris by double exfoliating before abrading the area to enhance the effectiveness of precise needling. The DC Method’s re-injuring process, referred to as Dermic Tissue Abrasion (DTA), is essential to kickstart the regeneration of new skin cells. Each case is carefully assessed, and topical products infused thereafter may include low to medium percentages of chemical peels, stem cells, and key ingredients containing vitamins to promote rapid repair are modality infused to initiate the skin renewal process based on the severity of the scar. 

It is important to note that The DC Method DOES NOT utilize traditional Micro Needling techniques nor use Micro Needling tips but instead utilizes a specially designed pen with fine needle clusters that offer precision and versatility. Unlike micro needle tips, which can cause unnecessary trauma by hitting tissue outside the margins of the scar, our precise needle clusters target only the damaged areas of the skin with precision. This approach ensures that the treatment is focused and effective in addressing the specific issues of each scar.


Following the initial visit, patients will be provided with a carefully structured home care regimen utilizing Scar Food products to accelerate the healing process and promote the rapid turnover of new cells for skin regeneration. Healing is quite fast, anywhere from 3-7 days depending on the type of scar being treated and the depth of injury made to the area.  Return visits may be scheduled every 2-4 weeks based on the treatment plan recommendations. Any necessary modifications to the treatment plan will be made based on the individual progress of each patient throughout the series of visits.


Each procedure is time sensitive and choreographed in perfect sequence where one procedure hands off to the other creating the ultimate in scar revision therapy. It’s important that patients commit to their series in order to achieve the very best outcome.