By: Anne Gueta

I got you!

Scars, whether from an accident, surgery, stretch marks, acne or those tomboy scuffs as a child, scars can take an emotional toll on an individual.

They bring you down, cause you to become isolated and withdrawn and not live life to the fullest. They can affect our relationships with friends, family, loved ones.

Individuals spend on an average 20 billion dollars per year on scar creams and scar management procedures, according to an article published in Advances in Wound Care Journal.

Individuals are likely to do almost anything to get rid of their unsightly scar, but “at what cost,”, asks Linda Dunn-Carter, a global scar revision expert with over 15 years of experience at repairing scars on over 50,000 successful procedures under her brand.

“Most patients arrive to me in the 99th hour after exhausting all efforts to fix their scar,” says Dunn-Carter, whose trademarked DC Method has been featured on major television networks and in New Beauty Magazine, blogs, popular podcasts and heart radio. Her patented self taught scientific method consists of time sensitive protocols where patients come in monthly for Dunn-Carter to work her magic. “We build a personal relationship due to the amount of time spent together-every scar has a story behind it and every scar to me is as important as the first scar I repaired over 15 years ago.”

In addition to her unique and patented methods of actually repairing and rebirthing the skin, Dunn-Carter has developed a complete vegan line of Scar Food products which nourish the skin between clinic visits. “Scar Food was created out of a need for nutrition between visits with my patients. Scars need nourishment and using the Scar Food products help proliferate injury promoting faster cell turnover” (think rapid healing). Patients fly (many come internationally) to one of Dunn-Carters clinics in Miami Beach FL, Houston Texas, or NYC to complete a series of up to 18 treatments monthly and don’t balk at the commitment. “My patients are extremely motivated for results and all I ask is that they show up and I do the rest” The results show in her before and afters, which improve even the most offensive scars. “There isn’t a scar that I can’t improve to some degree, giving a new lease on life to her patients” “ I know scars–and whatever life throws our way, I tell my patients, it’s ok, I got you.”

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