Scar School-Depigmentation of Scars June 6-7 Houston,Texas


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Welcome to Scar School! Our scar revision methodology module enhances your ability to learn and comprehend a superior skill set pertaining to skin and scars of all kinds. You will learn result driven techniques and specialized trade secrets that have been proven to significantly soften the appearance of scars and in many cases eliminate certain scars. Transforming scars by ultimately rebirthing the skin is a refined skill that takes proper education, practice and a support system to help guide you through the process. (See our description section below for full details)

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Scar School Class: June 6-7 Houston, Texas  SOLD OUT

Requirements: Must be Licensed Aesthetician, Cosmetologist, NP or higher.
Specifics: Flight, accommodations, transportation and food not included.
Classroom Dress Code: Black bottom, black top comfortable shoes and hair tied back
Houston TX One Arena Place
7322 Southwest Frwy
Suite 1-1198
Houston TX 77074

Coming Soon to Miami Beach FL, London UK

Payment Details: TOTAL PRICE OF CLASS $2500
Half Down ($1250) to hold spot. Balance of $1250 due one week prior to the training date and will be invoiced to your email and due upon receipt. Failure to pay balance immediately will result in a rescheduling

NOTE: For the ultimate educational experience our class spaces are limited. Deposits are non-refundable however, transferable to a later scheduled class with a required minimum of a 7 day notice.

Our Mission

Our mission is to teach high end, superficial scar revision fundamentals based on world renowned proven techniques developed by Linda Dunn-Carter, creator of The DC Method that relate to scar revision and skin transformation while allowing students the ability to grow and walk away with knowledge and skills to incorporate into their own in this high demand industry. 

“The world is a better place when proven skill is shared with the masses” “LDC”


Scar School Kit: The DC Method Tattoo Machine and Needles Full line of Scar Food Product | Scar School Tote | Writing Pad and Pen | Scar School Lab Coat | Scar School Certificate of Completion in De-Pigmentation of Scars, Hyperpigmentation of Skin and Melasma. 

Two full days (9 am – 5 PM of Intense Training (Total 16 Hours) Discount on Post Mentorship Consulting  Programs | Scar Food Wholesale Program | Discount on future classes | Referral Program


Linda Dunn-Carter has emerged as a top ranked purveyor of scar revision and has established new standards as a global renaissance woman of outstanding business achievements. Linda Dunn-Carter is a world renown Scar Revision Guru and is the CEO and Founder of the game-changing scar revision practice, The DC Method. With locations throughout the US and Europe Linda has proven her 14 years of success and 45,000 procedures in her captivating trademark secrets of her before and after library. Bringing top teaching skill to Scar School, Linda is excited to procure Ms. Mya James, a world renowned Beauty Educator teaching in the US, London UK and her most recent School in Ghana Africa. Ms. James with her knack for attention to detail will provide the utmost in professional training


Hyperpigmentation is prevalent in 80% of all scars formed and in most cases will never fade. Unfortunately hyperpigmentation is inherent in med-dark Fitzpatricks but good news is The DC Method has developed a way to combat this very difficult imperfection. Hyperpigmentation is VERY stubborn and takes many many treatments to break up and fade but this course will give you the basic fundamentals to fast track this unfortunate problem.

DAY 1 

  • Meet and greet / Disclaimers Forms
  • History of The DC Method
  • What is Hyperpigmentation
  • De-Pigmentation of surgical scars, sun damage, melasma, acne scars, accidental, birthmarks, dark knees and elbows 
  • Hyperpigmentation vs. skin types 
  • Consultation and client assessment 
  • Client Forms
  • Client before and after photos 
  • Preparing the skin
  • Scar Planing (Demo and practical on fellow student)
  • Introduce Dermic Tissue Abrasion 
  • Scar Scratch Techniques (practice on pig skin)

Day 2 

  • Set Up Station 
  • Practical (on students) 
  • Introducing Modalities (Practical on fellow student)
  • Scar Food Product Knowledge 
  • Home care regimen 
  • Aftercare instructions 
  • Code of Ethics 
  • Certificates 
  • Final discussion
June 6-7 Houston,Texas 

Coming soon: 

  • Stretch Marks Scars 
  • Hypertrophic and Atrophic Scars 
  • Acne Scars and Cystic Acne
  • Breaking Down Keloids
  • Breaking Down Fibrosis 
  • Skin tags and Keratosis  
  • Camouflaging Hyperpigmentation 
  • Scar Food Product Certification
  • Scar Prevention and Immediate PO Scar Management


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