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Linda Dunn-Carter’s brand philosophy and ethos about scar revision essentialism, is the all-natural and no laser science driving force behind distinguishing her as a Scar Revision Guru and a global renaissance woman of outstanding business achievements. Linda Dunn-Carter LE, CPCP, PMA is the CEO and founder of the game-changing The DC Method, and holds multiple-state aesthetic licenses along with certifications as a permanent cosmetic practitioner specializing in skin needling and medical micropigmentation.

Since starting her Trademarked brand in 2006 Linda has performed over 40,000 procedures and appeared on many local and national news programs, public speaking engagements and other media platforms, showcasing her 100% client success rate and proven results. With offices in Miami Beach, Manhattan, Houston with additional offices opening in 2019 (LA, Dallas and London) her practice and skills draws patients from all over the globe, as The DC Method technique grows in proven science and popularity.


The formation of scars cannot be prevented after the deeper skin layers have been injured. The chances of the wound healing without traces is unlikely and in most all cases scars are a left behind as a reminder.

If your wound healing process is already completed and scar tissue has formed, further treatment depends on the cause of the injury and type of scarring. In any case, we match our procedures and techniques through the application of case specific protocols.


The DC Method uses it’s own branded tattoo machine with RPMs of 10,000 – 15,000 & specific needle clusters where the needle rotations begin at the top layer of epidermis. This is performed by the use of various stroke techniques, most common stroke is the obivoid (circular rotations).

While needle depths are based on the severity of scarring, the speed of the needles rotate snapping tethered bands of fibers and connective tissue which hold down the epidermis. The result typically causes uneven levels of the skin. Abrading the skin with “cat like scratches” or patches, this ultimately causes beads of blood to surface which Is KEY to the relay of protocols to come.

Linda Dunn Carter – The DC Method
975 Arthur Godfrey Road, Miami Beach, FL 33139 Main Phone: 1-866-SCARTLK (722-7855)

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Consultations are only done online for a fee. Once the fee is paid you will email photos, full name, phone contact and city you live in to

Upon receiving photos you will receive a comprehensive Treatment Plan within 3 business days.  This fee will be credited to your series should you move forward with the treatment plan.

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The DC Method works with nonprofits to bridge strategic cause media and cause marketing platforms  to stimulate corporate and social responsibility  in the community.

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The DC Method is dedicated to community outreach and support, public service announcements, diversity and socially responsible efforts.

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The DC Method maintains and builds on direct media and cultural arts program resources worldwide as vehicles to create and implement empowerment and sustainable programs.

The Dc Method endeavors to make a difference through child safety, cultural arts programs and media.